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House of XXX – Magnificent Wincetsry (X-Men) [Tracy Scops]

The mutant community has a life full of intrigues. Sometimes time is the only thing that can be used to unravel these mysteries. Hope Summers has an idea. She will keep Eric in his thoughts until the investigation into the murder of Magneto is concluded. Yett will have to dive into Eric’s most secret fantasies and desires in order to do this.

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You reside at Fucktown pretty happily on your own yet everything is all about to switch when your sister in law is getting a guest who doesn’t have where to stay. Ofcourse you are a great brutha and you’ve decided to help her with that… especialy because this sis’s firend is really one sexy looking chick with fairly delectable forms! Clearly having her stayed at your place will provide with much more chances to understand her finer in order to seduce and to fuck her! Overall adorably done erotic game with fairly old-school for the Fucktown series gameplay which will provide you with joy storyline, intriguing characters and a entire bunch of sensual scenes ofcourse! More games from Fucktown series you could always find on our website so check it out after you complete this one. Continue reading

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House Of XXX – Cables Girls (X-Men) [Tracy Scops] – 2

Do you find yourself always working hard and finding little time to have fun? Cable could be described with this phrase. But there’s a chance for him to have some time to relax and that is… to get himself into hentai parody comicsofcourse! He’ll be able to have a fling with not just one, but five girls (! Extra hot mutant chicks!

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