X-mens Pornography Story: Into the-x-Two

X-mens Pornography Story: Into the-x-Two

Rogue stood outside the bedroom, shifting nervously from foot to foot, and silently debated whether she should go in or not. She had waited an hour after Jean had gone to bed before sneaking down the hallway to her room. She needed to know what was going on with her friend and this was the best way she knew how.

She knew she could get in a lot of trouble for this, but she felt the risk was worth it. Jean’s strange behavior over the past few days could be the result of another telepath’s evil control. If nothing else, Scott would be really impressed with her for solving the mystery.

When she was sure Jean was asleep, she carefully opened the door and crept into the darkened bedroom. The unmistakable scent of sex permeated the air as she quickly spotted the sleeping form of the sexy co-leader of the X-Men. She closed the door as quietly as she could, and then stepped catlike to the bed.

Her lithe form, snugly encased in her emerald and black bodysuit, knelt beside her friend’s bed and just watched her for a moment as she slept so soundly. She knew Jean wouldn’t wake up, so she lifted her gloved hand to her soft, pink lips and gripped the tip of one finger with her strong, white teeth. She carefully tugged the black leather glove off of her hand and laid it on the floor beside her.

A sudden sound outside sent her scrambling under the bed. She was lucky this time. She got her foot under the bed just seconds before Jean woke with a start and looked slowly around her room. As Rogue listened, the door opened and Kitty told Jean that she had fallen on the stairs. She whispered a quick apology as she had obviously heard Jean cry out in surprise when she had awoken. Jean told her it was okay and to go on to bed since she would be doing the same.

When the door had closed and Jean had fallen back asleep, she crawled out from under the bed and resumed her kneeling position. She was sure that her friend was in a deep sleep from the sound of her rhythmic breathing. So she stretched out a single finger and touched her cheek as lightly as she dared.

She immediately felt the rush that accompanied the use of her powers. It was the exhilarating feeling that she always got when she siphoned off another person’s life-force. She didn’t want to hurt her, so she pulled her hand back when she felt she had enough of Jean’s memories to help her investigation.

Now that she also had the use of her abilities, she decided to use them to sneak back to her room. After she had temporarily blocked the redhead’s hearing, Rogue glided silently out of the bedroom. She closed the door soundlessly, and then made her way back to her own bed.

Once she was back in bed, she closed her eyes and carefully examined the memories she now had. She discovered that her friend had been having very strange dreams. She was surprised to learn that the dreams were virtually identical to each other. They all involved the same man, but he always did something different each time he returned.

She wasn’t surprised that Jean had gotten excited from her dreams, though. The guy knew exactly when to appear, how much he could get away with, and when to leave to avoid trouble. That type of quick teasing, then sudden disappearing, would get to anyone. She doubted if anyone, even someone with the strongest willpower in the world, would be able to resist this guy’s advances forever.

She also knew that a person’s willpower wasn’t always their downfall. It was, more times than not, a person’s own body that betrayed them. Their desires would eventually take control of their every movement and would force them to accept what they want and need. But, even though this guy’s actions were arousing, that type of behavior deserved punishment.

As she perused Jean’s memories, she discovered that her friend had fought back. But she was never able to catch the guy. She didn’t even know what he looked like. A feeling of frustration coursed through Rogue’s body as that memory surfaced.

But that was to be expected with her absorption powers. They not only transferred the person’s life-force, memories, and (in the case of mutants) their powers, but they also gave her the emotions that went along with those memories. It was no wonder that she felt irritable so much of the time. This type of power could make anyone depressed after a while.

She still had the use of Jean’s abilities, so she fell within herself and reenacted the dreams. She wanted to watch them herself so that she could find out the identity of this strange man. She also hoped to better understand how he was able to disappear before he was caught.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too skilled in using telepathy and she didn’t end up where she wanted to be. Instead she found herself in Jean’s current dream. The moment she realized where she was, she started to leave. She didn’t want to intrude on her friend’s privacy any more than she felt she had to.

But, as she was leaving, she caught sight of her friend across the room and saw that she was standing almost perfectly still. As she watched, Jean’s breasts seemed to expand and contract slowly. It was as if something was kneading her breasts, but there was no one close enough to do that. At least, there was no one visible who could be doing anything to her.

She knew someone could be using telekinesis to do this, but it didn’t seem that way this time. Whatever was playing with her was simply invisible to Rogue’s eyes. She started to rush to her friend’s side, but, before she did, she heard a voice in her ear.

“Welcome to my playground, little one. I see you have discovered what has been going on with your friend there.”

She started to turn around, but he quickly stopped her. He told her that it would end the dream if she turned enough to look behind her. He also told her that Jean wasn’t in any danger.

“W-what are y-ya d-doin’ tah her?”

“I am going to accept her as my slave. If she is willing, that is. You see, I am not an evil mutant, Rogue.” The voice told her, as she continued to watch her friend. “Jean can stop me any time she chooses.”

“How do ah know you’re tellin’ the truth?” she dared to ask him. “You could by lyin’ and ah’d never know.”

“That’s very true, Rogue. Let me show you the dreams that you missed. You have enough of Jean’s abilities to find out if they were the actual dreams by reading her thoughts or if they were merely a playground of my own creation.”

“Ok. Show me the dreams, suh. But if you’re lyin’, you’ll regret it.”

As she watched Jean slowly pull her shirt off, exposing her 38C tits, the dream slowly dissolved around her. She felt a sudden surge of fear at the emptiness, but it quickly disappeared as the dreamworld reformed around her. It took her a few minutes to orient herself and to figure out where her friend was. But, by the time she found her, she heard the voice in her ear again.

“Watch her, Rogue. You will see that I haven’t lied to you.” He said. “If you don’t trust your eyes, then read her thoughts.”

She simply nodded her head and watched the dream unfold before her. She thought about fighting back, but she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. She could always alert the Professor if things went wrong and she knew he would get the message as soon as she had formed the thought.

As she watched, Jean suddenly went completely still. Rogue knew the mystery man had gone over to her now. She couldn’t hear what was being said, but she could tell that they were talking. Even though she couldn’t see the man, she could see Jean talking to someone. She knew she wasn’t talking with her friends because they were all facing away from her and were all talking among themselves.

What was Jean talking to him about? She knew she should move closer to listen to the conversation, but the guy spoke in her ear before she had even taken a step toward her friend. She nearly fainted in shock. He was still behind her!

“Yes, still behind you and completely able to hear your thoughts, Rogue. Don’t you know the difference between a person’s dream self and the mere memory of their dream self? You should really pay more attention if you want to help your friend.”

“Thanks for the info, creep. But, ya know, ah can’t hear what she’s sayin’. If you’re really willin’ to let me help her, then you’ll make her talk louder. Ah know you’re in control here. Ah’m not stupid, ya know.”

“Such rudeness is unbecoming to a lady, Rogue. But it will be done as you wish.”

Her eyes never left her friend as their voices suddenly became crystal clear. She started to say something sarcastic to the man behind her, but the dream blinked out before she did. It was back again before the shock had even registered to the lovely, southern she-cat. He had simply restarted the dream.

She watched everything progress exactly as it had the first time. Jean chatted with her friends, the music played, and the other people danced or drank as was their will. The only difference was that she could hear better now.

“So, have you missed me, Jean?” Rogue heard a deep voice rumble from across the room.

“Who?” her friend replied, going completely still with shock. “Oh, it’s you. I thought you had left for good. But I see I was wrong.”

“You didn’t answer my question. Have you missed me?”

“Miss you? Of course, I haven’t missed you. You’re nothing but a lowlife creep!”

“You tell him, Jean!” Rogue thought. “Put that guy in his place!”

The guy laughed at Jean’s response, and then quickly pulled her stirrup pants down to her knees. As both girls stood there in shock, his invisible hand slid between her thighs and he cupped the redhead’s pussy through her satin panties. Rogue knew his hand was there because there were no signs that he was touching her anywhere else. There would be indentations in her skin wherever his hand was touching her. Just as there were in the other dream she had watched. The one where he had been playing with Jean’s tits. The only indentations she could find, after a very thorough search, were on the redhead’s inner thighs. Two slight depressions caused by his hand being held in place by her barely spread thighs.

Rogue watched as she lowered her head in embarrassment. She figured that Jean was wet and knew that the guy could feel the wetness on his hand. She watched as her friend’s eyes closed and her body began to shake. She knew that she was trying to access her powers to push the guy away. As she looked between her thighs to see if it had worked, she noticed that there were still two depressions on her inner thighs.

The guy was still cupping her pussy. Why hadn’t he been thrown across the room by Jean’s powers? It was as if her friend’s powers weren’t working. Thinking quickly, she closed her eyes and scanned her friend’s thoughts. She discovered that this dream was the truth and that Jean had also wondered about the loss of her powers.

It was a shock when she discovered that the telepath’s own body had betrayed her. It had prevented her from using her powers because it was enjoying the strange man’s attentions. She realized that the redhead had been just as shocked as she was when she had recognized the cause of her power loss.

Shaking her head, she opened her eyes and looked back at her friend. She could tell that she was arching into the stranger’s hand. Just as she started to rush to her side, she heard a growl of frustration and Jean pulled her hips back slowly. Rogue silently congratulated her friend for her strong willpower. She watched Jean start to say something, and then stop before the words had left her mouth. The guy had disappeared again while she had tried to regain her composure.

“Professor? Can I talk with you?” a soft voice asked from the other side of his door.

“Yes, Kitty. Do come in.” he replied, recognizing the voice at once.

The door opened to reveal a rather petite girl in an old football jersey and a pair of pink pajama bottoms. The girl walked nervously into the Professor’s office and sat down in the chair in front of his desk. She had just turned 18 not long ago and was very pretty for her age. She had shoulder-length brown hair, a cute smile, inquisitive eyes, and a small, heart-shaped ass.

He could tell that something was bothering her, but he didn’t want to force her to speak before she was ready. So, he leaned back in his wheelchair and waited patiently for her to gather her thoughts and her courage. As he watched her, she looked up at him with her doe-like eyes and cleared her throat gently.

“I have something to tell you, Professor. But you might get mad when I do.” She said.

“What is it, Kitty? I’m sure that, whatever it is, we can work through it without any negative emotions getting involved.” He replied, silently wondering if she had picked up on Jean’s strange behavior.

“I think there is someone in Jean’s room. Besides her, I mean. I heard someone breathing when I went to check. I had made a noise and thought I had woken her up. When I apologized, I could hear someone breathing.”

“It’s all right, Kitty. Rogue has taken it upon herself to solve the mystery of Jean’s strange behavior. Surely you have noticed that Jean has been acting differently lately?”

“Oh! Uh, yes. Yes, Professor. Sorry to bother you.”

“It’s okay, Kitty. You were right to come to me about this. You were merely trying to protect your friend. I would have stopped Rogue, but I know she is doing this for Jean’s own good. So, go back to bed and don’t worry about it. It will all be taken care of.”

“Yes, Professor. Good night.”

“Good night, Kitty.”

Rogue was still experiencing the dreams, but they were progressing faster than the last one. She figured the guy was getting impatient and wanted her to understand what was going on before he lost too much time tonight. She could still understand every word she heard and every image she saw, though.

She tried on several occasions to use her borrowed abilities and found that they still worked. So the guy wasn’t worried about her hurting him. She scanned each new dream as it occurred and discovered that every one was the absolute truth.

She watched as Jean’s willpower slowly weakened with each new dream. As they got closer and closer to the more recent dreams, she found that her pussy had become wet from watching her friend being used by this invisible stranger. She could tell that Jean was still denying that he was turning her on, but her body wasn’t in agreement with her.

She held herself rigid for the largest part of the encounters, but her body always took control near the end of them. No matter what the guy did to her, her body would always arch into his touch or press back at him in the hopes of feeling his cock against her tingling skin. And whenever Jean had summoned enough willpower to try to push him away, he would already be gone.

She could tell that her friend was getting highly frustrated. But she could also detect that she was highly aroused. Before each dream ended, Rogue entered her thoughts and discovered that Jean always woke up and fingered her pussy to several earth shattering orgasms. And each time, Rogue would stay a little longer to experience them in all their glory. The last one was the most powerful for the southern belle.

It was so powerful, in fact, that she had joined her friend in her self-pleasure. She knew that the stranger was creating the images to go along with the feelings and memories, but she didn’t care. She was so turned on now that she just had to cum.

“Oh, gawd.” She heard Jean think to herself. “I’m so turned on right now. I hate what’s happening to me, but I also love it. I need to play with myself and cum. Now!”

“Yes, Jean” she thought. “Play with that pussy of yours and cum. I think I’ll play with myself, too. I need to cum just as badly.”

She knew it was just a memory and that Jean couldn’t hear or see her, so she joined her on the bed. Sitting cross-legged in front of the fiery redhead, she slid her hands down to her pussy and felt the heat emanating from inside her. Moaning softly, she rubbed her fingers over her swollen pussy lips and looked down at her friend’s pussy. She could see that it was completely bare, except for the neatly trimmed triangle of red hair just above the clit.

As she watched, a hand slid down over the glistening pussy and cupped it gently. A heartfelt moan was heard as her friend squeezed and ground the heel of her palm against her clit. Not wanting to just sit and watch Jean play, she plunged two fingers inside herself and leaned back slowly. She held herself up with her free hand and began sawing her fingers in and out of her tightly clasping quim.

She kept her eyes glued to her friend’s pussy as the redhead imitated her movements. Both girls were soon pumping their fingers into their pussies as fast as they could. Their cries grew louder with each passing moment as they strove to reach that most pleasurable climax.

Rogue chanced a look up at her friend’s face and noticed that her eyes were closed tightly. She also noticed that she was mauling her tits with her free hand. Her eyes went wide with shock as she realized that she was getting even wetter from watching her friend masturbate.

She was too far gone to care at this point, so she just continued to watch as much as she could. Her friend pinched and twisted her nipples as her fingers plunged ever deeper into her needy pussy. With a primal scream, she arched her back violently and came in an explosive display of satisfaction.

The luscious hellcat wasn’t too far behind her friend as she pulled her fingers out of her tightly gripping pussy. Her fingers were a blur as they rubbed, stroked, and wiggled her clit as fast as they could. As she leaned forward to get a closer look at her friend pleasuring herself, she shoved two fingers of her other hand into her own bare pussy.

She fucked herself hard and fast while continuing to rub her clit. The moment she saw her friend fall into the dark abyss of carnal delight, her own pussy went off like a fireworks display on the fourth of July. The bed shook violently as both girls’ bodies shuddered uncontrollably from the power of their orgasms.

When she opened her eyes, Rogue found herself back in the last dream the guy had promised to show her. She found herself trying to sneak peeks at her friend’s pussy while the guy was trying to make her see that she needed to submit to him.

She couldn’t believe that she was trying to look at her friend’s pussy. She wasn’t a lesbian. Was she? She had never had any sexual thoughts about girls before. So why was she having them now?

She sighed as she couldn’t deny the feelings inside her. She liked looking at her pussy. As she thought more about it, she realized she wanted to taste her pussy, to touch it, to slide her tongue into her and make her cum hard all over her face.

But this only made her feel worse. How could she ever do any of those things when she couldn’t touch another person without absorbing their life energies? Even if she got the courage to tell Jean about her feelings, nothing could come of it.

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