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X-Men Porn Story: Congratulations

X-Men Porn Story: Congratulations

Kurt folded the letter neatly and tucked it back into the torn envelope, smoothing it so that it was relatively nice and flat. Kitty was hunched over her desk and had yet to notice him standing just inside her room, shifting ever so slightly from foot to foot, his tail swishing. Kitty was typing away at her sixth draft of a term paper for one of her advanced physics classes, her hair twisted into a messy wad at the nape of her neck and run through with a pencil, her shoes off and her toes dug into the carpet, clenching and unclenching as the paper twisted itself into Gordian knots of footnotes and explanations.

He could easily stare at her all day and into the night, never touching her but just looking, he thought, fixated on the nape of her neck and it’s starburst of freckles at her hairline. He edged further into the room, tucking the letter into his pocket and turning off his holo. Alone with her, he did not need it and, she had once told him in the dark and quiet of her room late at night, it made her a bit creeped out since she had come to love him as Kurt and not some idea of Kurt. He could smell the warm scent of her skin and perfume mingled with the floral sweetness of her shampoo as he stood now just a few feet from her. She still did not turn to see him. He bit his lip and debated just leaving and finding her later or in the morning, but before he could leave, she finally turned around to see him standing there.

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X-Men Porn Story: Dirty Little SEcret

X-Men Porn Story: Dirty Little SEcret

“Are you ready, Jean?” yelled Scott up the stairs as he waited in the foyer of the Xavier Institute.

“Coming!” called Jean Grey emerged from the top of the stairs.

The beautiful redhead telepath joined her boyfriend in the foyer. She was wearing her casual attire, namely tan khakis and a light purple shirt. Scott wasn’t wearing anything special either except a dark jeans and a red shirt that matched his ruby quartz glasses. She smiled and took his hand. Scott returned the gesture, giving it a firm squeeze as they made their way to the garage.

“Sorry I got held up,” said Jean, “Had to print out my English paper.”

“That’s okay,” assured Scott, “We got all night.”

Jean smiled at his words. They had only started dating a month ago after the Mystique incident and so far it was going well. It took some adjusting at first because they had been friends for so long, but their romance quickly blossomed. They still endured plenty of teasing from the others. Everyone referred to them as the resident love birds with a storybook romance. But Scott and Jean brushed it off, for they didn’t know the full story.

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Jubilee like ride on metal man rod

Gay X-men Sex

Hentai Picture: Jubilee like ride on metal man rod
It staggers belief, but these fruitcake George designed X-Men valiants are down with a good deal about profligate cluster-fucks, they are not as chaste as you asserted when you watch them over TV… Another teen nympho from X-Men boasts this gorgeous cleavage to show us and she cannot even think of skipping any fuck-ready dick. Fuckable Jubilee flaunting nude in front of cum and getting pumped with a thick fuck toy…

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X-Men Porn Story: Blood

X-Men Porn Story: Blood

It flows,
Collects and pools against alabaster,
Warmed by a body that releases it’s richness,
A chalice to be emptied by my eager mouth.’


Exactly when this whole mess opened upto him he never really knew, perhaps it was the way everyone expected him to play the leader. How Ororo suddenly dropped the mantle of ‘Fearless Leader’ on his shoulders, trying in all her actions to castrate him and turn him into Scott.

Shit she’d even gotten him doing the damn classes he used to do, albiet with a little bit of help when it came to the exams. Yet while in the day he could be somewhat what they all needed from him, it was the night where he became the opposite.

He’d stalk the hallways, hunting for something to kill, to carve up, as if being here, chained to one place gave his darker side a need to destroy what was here. An it was that darkness that had led to where he was now, buried ball deep in a kid he’d promised to protect and loving every fuckin minute of it.

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X-Men Porn Story: Secrets

X-Men Porn Story: Secrets

Kitty was one of the more popular students at Xavier’s school. She was well-liked by most and was generally a nice person. Scott Summers had always been friends with her but never anything beyond that, besides, she was dating Kurt and the fuzzy dude was one of his good friends. But lately Scott had started feeling differently about Kitty. His attitude towards her had changed noticeably, he seemed more withdrawn from her and Kitty had questioned him as to what was wrong. “Scott, you’re like totally acting weird around me all of a sudden, what’s wrong,” she had asked him one day when she found him sitting by himself. “Nothing,” he replied, turning away from her and glaring into his ruby glasses.

Kitty felt hurt by his sudden coldness towards her but Scott felt that it was for her own good. He had noticed his change of attitude towards her especially during Danger Room sims, where he went extra harsh on her, earning the disapproval of his teammates, who noticed his odd behavior. All he could see was her trim body underneath that tight suit and he wanted so badly to take her right then and there. He thought that if he distanced himself from her maybe it would go away, but he was wrong.

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X-Men Porn Story: ROGUE 2

X-Men Porn Story: ROGUE 2

Rogue muttered something unintelligible, keeping her face turned away from her.

Rahne strained to listen. “What did ye say?” In spite of the odor of alcohol on Rogue’s breath, the smaller girl put her face next to the inebriated mutant’s face.

“I saw… them,” Rogue mumbled softly, not guarding the sour tone in her voice.

“Them? Who do Ye mean by that?” Concern filled Rahne’s eyes as she turned to look at the girl, stretched out like a broken doll on the bed before her.

“Scott… n’ Jean…” Rogue’s face pulled into a sorrowful frown. “…they wuz… neckin’ there… ina corner,” she slurred softly. There was a pang of hurt under her words that Rahne picked up on.

“Oh my…” Rahne said, not sure what more could be said. Deciding not to dwell on things, Rahne moved down to untie Rogue’s shoes. It wouldn’t do to let her sleep this stupor off while she was still dressed. Working gently so she wouldn’t disturb Rogue’s condition further, she got her boots and stockings off before reaching for her blouse and vest.

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X-Dude Porn Story: ROGUE One

X-Dude Porn Story: ROGUE One

DISCLAIMER : This work is a fan fiction, based on characters and situations from the Warner Brothers/MARVEL Comics Series “X-MEN : EVOLUTION”. All Characters within are the ™ and Copyright of said licensees, and are used here without their permission. This is done without intent to gain payment or money of any kind. Please Do Not Sue.

This is an Adult Story, with sexual situations, language and explicit details of nudity and sex. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS OLD! Also, the Author has taken the liberty of presenting all characters within the scope of this story to be at least 18 years of age or older. No character has been depicted as being under any legal age.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: Being this is my first attempt at writing a femslash story, I’m hoping it will be well received. This is a part of a four-story arc that I hope will set up for future stories, as well as branching off into new plots as well.

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Rouge loves it when your hard cock touches her face

X-Men Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Rouge loves it when your hard cock touches her face
Those bitchy X-Men beauties have such smooth and tempting bodies that it would be entirely rash action not to screw them violently… Another fuck-obessed nympho from X-Men sports an awesome pair of tits to show us and she never refuses any male around! Tanned Rouge has salved herself and forces her fingers one after one into her black fish box.

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X-Men Porn Story: into the-x-6(Ii)

X-Men Porn Story: into the-x-6(Ii)

“Ah just couldn’t resist swatting that sexy ass of yours, baby.”

“Yes, mistress.” Jean said, whimpering softly. She wiggled her bottom and bent over at the waist, placing a hand upon her knee. “May I have another, please?”

“Hmmm, I wonder if you deserve another.” Rogue said, tapping her chin.

Jean looked back at her and saw a twinkle in her eyes. She giggled and turned back around as she knew Rogue was just teasing her. Sure enough, Rogue swatted her ass firmly three more times just a few seconds later. The sexy redhead moaned softly and a delicious shiver raced down her spine at the pleasure Rogue’s spanking brought forth. She licked her lips slowly, and then stood back up gracefully.

“Mmmm. Thank you, mistress.”

“You’re welcome, little one. Now, let’s get back to the mansion before they send out a search party.”

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2 sizzling sapphic superchicks having joy outdoors tonight!

Hentai Video: 2 sizzling sapphic superchicks having joy outdoors tonight!

Hot well-endowed Jean Grey getting out of her clothes, playing with her sexy nipples, stretching her cunt and giving her pussy a fuck with a sizey fuck toy. Could you ever have enough of A-list X-Men naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away and provoke your pussy-wanting Mr. Happy get unleashed? We are anxious to push something sizey deep inside this bosomy X-Men gal with a gorgeous bum and a sexually eager slit!

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